7 Thyroid Cancer Signs That You Should Not Ignore


The thyroid gland is a significant part of the human body’s endocrine system that helps regulate the body hormones. It is located below the larynx, in front of the neck and it’s most important function lies in absorbing iodine from the blood to produce thyroid hormones, which is necessary for regulating your body metabolism.Thyroid cancer starts in this gland and unfortunately doesn’t have any specific symptoms. This is the main reason why it usually goes undetected till the last minute. Some of the symptoms are the same symptoms which may occur when you suffer from a common cold, and some symptoms may also be caused by benign thyroid nodules or thyroid tumors.

Thyroid cancer is, however, a rare form of cancer, and constitutes less than 1% of cancer cases in men and women in the United States. In fact, it is more common for people to suffer from some non-cancerous thyroid diseases like Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and Goiter.

Thyroid cancer seems to exist more in people who have been exposed to high radiation doses and who have inherited the gene.

There are altogether four different forms of thyroid cancer, and they are follicular, papillary, anaplastic and medullary thyroid cancers. Whichever form of thyroid cancer it may seem, these are the main thyroid cancer signs that people should not ignore. The main reason these symptoms should not be ignored is that the cancer is treatable, as long as it is detected at the right time.

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8Voice changes

As the thyroid gland is located under the larynx or voice box, there is a chance of cancerous thyroid nodules pressing against the voice box. This can lead to some voice changes and a consequent hoarse voice. Though this is a sign of thyroid cancer, it is rarely used for detecting it.
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