8 Cervical Cancer Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Each year, 12,000 women are being diagnosed with the cervical cancer and 5,000 dies because of it in the US alone. Early-stage Cervical Cancer has a 5-year survival rate of more than 90%! Establishing timely diagnosis is crucial for a good outcome of the treatment (5-year survival rate if cancer has spread throughout the body is 17%). A screening program for cervical cancer is the best way to discover it in time.
By the end of this article, you will learn what are the signs of cervical cancer that should ring your bell and make you schedule a doctor appointment without delay. Read it carefully and think about it, this info may save your life someday (or the life of your beloved ones).

9Bleeding between the periods

Any bleeding between the periods should be reported to doctor. Even if it is a small amount of blood- also known as spotting. Although the spotting is relatively common finding during pregnancy, this symptom in non-pregnant women should be carefully assessed. Cervical Cancer is not the only condition that can cause it. Hormonal contraceptive pills the first three months of use quite often have this side effect. Vaginal injuries are another common cause (rough sex). The point is- don’t panic and schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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