8 Bowel Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) Signs That People Should Not Ignore

Are you having digestion problems, abdominal pain, cramps or you lost 10 or more pounds in the last 2 months without explanation? This article is written for you then! Even if it’s not the case, what you learn here, may save your life someday!
Every year, 140.000 patients are diagnosed and 50.000 die of Bowel Cancer in the US. Although the death rate from bowel cancer is continuously decreasing for the past three decades because of early detection (screening programs) and the treatment improvements, it remains to be one of the three leading causes of cancer death. Just like in case of any other cancer, the sooner the diagnosis is established, the greater chances of full recovery.


A lot of things that happen in cancer patient’s body is caused by inflammation. If you are febrile for weeks, you should definitely schedule a medical checkup. Just like weight loss and fatigue, it is a unspecific sign and having it does not mean that you have cancer, but a medical examination is necessary.

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